Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member to attend Alfesta?

Due to irritating but necessary things like insurance, we require the person making the booking to be a financial member of an Alfa Romeo Owners Club (AROC).

You don't have to be an Australian AROC member of course;  we frequently welcome overseas AROC members to Alfesta, just as Australian Alfisti are warmly welcomed at overseas events.

Do I have to attend all Alfesta events?

Alfesta is primarily organised, packaged and priced with "in-house" attendees in mind - that is, people who are staying at (or near) the nominated accomodation and attending all events.

That said, we will certainly be trying to provide opportunities for any Club member who wishes to attend selected events as a "Day Visitor".  Some venues and events which we have booked for Alfesta, however, will have limits on the number of people they can handle, so until all in-house bookings are finalised, we will not know how many places will be available for Day Visitors.

As soon as we do know, we will post details and pricing on this website.  Check out the process for making an Alfesta "Day Visitor" booking.

Do I have to make a booking online?

Certainly not.  While we really hope you prefer this method, if you prefer to use a "paper-based" method, that's fine too.

You simply download the booking form, print it out, and send it to us by your preferred method - details are on the form.

We have tried to make the online booking as simple as possible, but if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us;  that's why we're here!

Can I make my payment online?

Yes... and no.

You need to pay AROCA SA for your Alfesta Activtiy Package, but you pay the venue directly for your Accommodation Package.

So, if you are familiar with internet banking, you can make a direct deposit from your bank account into the Club's Alfesta bank account for your Activity Package.

AROCA SA doesn't have a facility to accept credit card payments for Alfesta.  The added complexity and cost outweighs the benefits of providing this functionality for the relatively small number of transactions we would receive.

The McLaren Vale Motel & Apartments may have a number of ways you can make payment for your Accommodation Package.  Please discuss options directly with the Motel.

I've paid for my booking but it doesn't show on my booking status!

Yes, it's true: Alfa owners are passionate, loyal, fun-loving, energetic and... impatient.

Behind this website are some human Alfesta organisers still having to do a few things manually, such as wait for payments to show up in the Club bank account, get cheques cleared, and then update the website.

We process things as quickly as possible, and try to ensure the current online status of a booking reflects reality, but sometimes there's a bit of a lag.

Of course if you really do think something has gone astray, please don't hesitate to contact us immediately so we can look into it and sort things out.  Better to be safe than sorry!

I have to cancel my Alfesta booking!

We're sorry to hear that.  No problem though, simply contact us to arrange cancellation and any refund of your Alfesta Activity Package fees.

You will need to contact the accommodation venue directly, to cancel your accommodation and seek a refund for that.

If you have to cancel your Alfesta booking before December 31 2020, we will automatically refund everything you have paid us to date, minus any direct and specific costs we have incurred;  for instance, if pre-booked activities charge a cancellation fee, we will need to deduct that from any potential refund.

We won't deduct anything we don't have to!

After December 2020, we will have made final payments to some venues and have fully paid for non-returnable merchandise.  If you cancel after this time, the amount able to be refunded will be much less.


The advice on the South Australian Police website as at 22nd March 2021 states:

“All travellers coming to South Australia must first complete a Cross Border Travel Registration, irrespective of where they are travelling from.”

“Travellers must complete a separate Cross Border Travel Registration for each person in the travelling party including all children.  People will experience delays on arrival if they have not completed an application for each person.”

“Aim to complete the cross border travel registration form at least 7 days before you leave, regardless of where your travel begins.”

Here is a link to the relevant page on the SA Police website: Cross Border Travel application.

Of course if you are travelling through another state or territory before you enter SA, there may be other rules that apply.  Links to all State and Territory travel restrictions can be found on the Australian Government Department of Health website.

Once in South Australia you will need to check-in to venues and businesses using the SA Government’s COVID Safe Check-In app.  Information, including a link to download the app, is available on the SA Government website.   (An alternative paper sign-in option will be available at venues.)

We all hope that COVID-19 will remain under control.  However, the very nature of COVID-19 means this may not be the case come Easter.

If you are unable to travel to attend Alfesta due to COVID-19 restrictions, payments made for the Alfesta Activity Package will be refunded in full.

As noted above, you will need to contact the accommodation venue directly, to cancel your accommodation and seek a refund for that.


What is the age limit to be considered a "child" or "infant"?

This is something that varies - from state to state, place to place, and sometimes even according to time of year...  It can be as high as 16 years old or as low as 11 years old for children, and can very between 2 and 5 years old for infants.

For Alfesta, we define a "child" as being 12 years old or younger, and an "infant" as being 3 years old or younger, as at the starting date of Alfesta because that is the age limit at which most venues and restaurants, etc., offer discounts.  Where something is included in your Alfesta package, that definition applies with regard to the rates charged for your package.

What you need to keep in mind, however, is that if you visit somewhere in your own time, they may charge full adult rate for your Alfesta "child".

The McLaren Vale Motel & Apartments has advised that, for the puposes of accommodation, they regard a child to be a person 15 years of age or younger.  Please contact the Motel directly for more information.

Is there covered parking available for my Alfa?

Car parking (1 car space per booking) is available free for in-house Alfesta attendees, right outside your room.  The car park is not under cover, but it is convenient!  Please feel free to bring a car cover.